Trellis Desk
Trellis Desk

You can have Trellis Desk up and running on your server in just a few minutes, as long as your server has what it takes. Don't worry, the installation wizard will automatically check to make sure your server meets the minimum requirements.

Server requirements

PHP 4.3.0 or newer
Trellis Desk version 1.0 releases require PHP 4; make sure safe mode is turned off. Please note that future 2.0 releases will require PHP 5.

Webhost + email forwarding support
Trellis Desk's ticket email piping functionality requires a webhost that supports piping incoming mail through use of a forwarder.

MySQL 4.1 or newer
Trellis Desk uses a MySQL database to store information such as ticket data, user account info, and system settings.

GD2 + FreeType support
Trellis Desk requires the GD Library with FreeType support to dynamically generate security CAPTCHAs.

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