Trellis Desk
Trellis Desk

Trellis Desk boasts an impressive set of features that will simplify and expedite the customer support cycle at your business or organization -- and you'll never have to pay any license fees to use it. Here are just some of the neat things that Trellis Desk can do.

All the basics

Ticket departments
Create an unlimited number of departments to which your users can submit support tickets, like "Sales", "Billing", and "Technical Support".

Canned ticket replies
Insert commonly used responses with just one click. Say goodbye to typing out the same old message over and over again.

Ticket escalation
Allow users to upgrade, or "escalate," a support ticket and ensure it receives attention. Set the amount of time that must elapse before a ticket can be escalated.

Ticket priority levels
Determine which tickets require your immediate attention based on their user-assigned priority levels, such as urgent, high, medium, and low.

Group permissions
Restrict users from visiting particular areas of your helpdesk, and prevent staff members from accessing certain administrative functions or ticket departments.

Ticket assignment
Assign any ticket to a particular staff member who can better address the issue.

More advanced features too

More advanced features too

Multi-moderation features
Quickly perform an action on several tickets at once. Hold, move, close, delete, or reopen numerous tickets in a matter of seconds.

Helpdesk RSS feeds
Generate an RSS feed of all the tickets in your department. Add the feed to your newsreader and watch the tickets roll in (ideally not).

Skin manager
Change the appearance of your helpdesk by editing templates and CSS from within the administration control panel. Import new skins or export ones you've made.

Rich text editor
Dynamically apply text formatting to your ticket replies such as bold, italic, and underline. Use spellcheck to locate misspelled words.

Ticket attachments
Users and staff members can attach a file to their ticket reply, if their group permissions allow it. Share documents, error logs, or code.

Language manager
Edit language strings from within the administration control panel. Import new language packs or export translations you've made. (Trellis Desk ships in US English.)

Built-in knowledgebase

Built-in knowledgebase

Manage articles and categories
Create a collection of pre-written articles containing existing solutions to common problems. Group similar articles under the same category for ease of access.

Article ratings and comments
Allow users to submit a star rating for any knowledgebase article and leave comments on the article page itself.

Smart display of KB articles during ticket submission
Before your users submit a new ticket, Trellis Desk can automatically show relevant knowledgebase articles that may assist them in resolving their issue — potentially reducing your helpdesk ticket volume.

Email piping and notifications

Email piping and notifications

Pipe support emails into your helpdesk
Allow customers to send support inquiries to a designated email address at your domain (i.e. where they will automatically be registered as tickets in your Trellis Desk system.*

Email notifications
Receive notices via email when new tickets and ticket replies are posted in your helpdesk.

* Email piping requires a webhost that supports piping incoming mail through use of a forwarder. Please note that email piping functionality and POP3 support for incoming emails does not support all server configurations; your mileage may vary.

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